Friday ~ February 28, 2014 ~ Day 59

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Friday night fun at our house: playing games, painting, building, and cooking.

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Friday ~ February 21, 2014 ~ Day 52

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Another fun snow day in the neighborhood!

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Thursday ~ February 20, 2014 ~ Day 51

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Snow day!

Here Kenny is waiting for the snow to start falling.


What a beautiful day to play in the snow; I think we got another 7 inches.

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Sunday ~ February 9, 2014 ~ Day 40

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My kids are always asking for a pet. For now they are enjoying cousin Lani’s new guinea pigs.

~Twister fun~

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Sunday ~ February 2, 2014 ~ Day 33

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I love Kenny’s creativity.  Here he has constructed a marble track in his room.

Our niece Lani had her 9th Birthday / Super Bowl Party today.

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Tuesday ~ January 28, 2014 ~ Day 28

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Another snow/cold day!  This is our version of charades.

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Monday ~ January 27, 2014 ~ Day 27

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We had another snow-cold day from school but the crazy part is that we had to keep our thermostat at 60 degrees because of a gas pipeline explosion.  Landry spent the day with us and we tried to keep warm with all our electric space heaters.

Sweet cousins.  What a blessing that we live in the same neighborhood!

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Cousin Landry’s First Day of Kindergarten

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Emma was able to see her cousin off for her first day of Kindergarten. It is a little scary that in one year we will be sending Emma off to Kindergarten.

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Minnesota State Fair 2010

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We spend another day this year at the Minnesota State Fair. This year mom and dad both spent the day with Emma and Landry. The weather was great and we found parking close by. What else can you ask for?

The rides started with a green bug that spun around.

Swings were next where Emma was just tall enough (good thing she had shoes on).

Both Emma and Landry got airborne on this slide.

Both girls ended up going on one ride by themselves as the result of not coming to a consensus.

Check out last year’s picture (very end of the post). This year the girls were a little more energetic; (bringing a double stroller sure helps).

Here the girls are spin painting.  Definitely worth the money!

We visited Uncle Dayle at his booth. He was there almost every day of the fair.

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Vacation Bible School

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Emma and Landry enjoyed a week of Vacation Bible School at the same church where Emma will attend preschool this next fall. They did a lot of crafts and learned some more about the Bible. A pretty good use of some summer vacation time.

The girls made the tie-die shirts that they are wearing in the picture.

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4 and a Half Year Birthday

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We had hoped to go to Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells this summer, so we decided to use Emma’s 4.5 birthday as the backdrop for the day. Kenny stayed home this year with Grandma and Grandpa Swany, but Cousin Landry came a long.

As you look through the pictures, I got some help from Emma for some of the captions. Anything in quotes are her exact words.

Emma didn’t know that we bought a cake at the grocery store.

She was pretty surprised.

We did save the cake until after lunch.

A little lunch. This all took place at a rest area just north of Wisconsin Dells.

Emma and dad went down a lot of the slides together. Next time Emma said she will do them by herself.

Emma did go down this slide by herself.

The two girls did a little racing down the side by side slides.

Here is the finish. A big splash.

Here the two are taking a picture that Emma claims to be “kind of cute and funny.”

Emma says, “Landry went down the turtle slide really fast.”

Emma says, “We took a picture by the turtle and I smiled really kind of good.”

“Riding on the horse, heedy haw.”

“We were in the wavy water and we had so much fun in the wavy water.”

“Wow I jumped really high over the waves. I wanted to say ‘hee haw’.”

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End of the Year Preschool Picnic

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Emma’s preschool had its end of the year picnic. It had a lot of fun activities and games. In addition, cousin Landry graduated from preschool and will be going to kindergarten next year.

A little fishing game with some pretty nice prizes. We ended up with two squirt guns and some other stuff.

Big bubbles are always a hit.

The younger grades did some singing before the graduation ceremonies.

Landry is all set for the diploma ceremony.

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Swimming in the Front Yard

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Emma (and technically Kenny) got a new pool for the summer.

We got a nice posed picture.

But Kenny doesn’t enjoy cold water.

The girls played an interesting game that involved pretending that the castle part was a seat belt in a car.

The girls didn’t seem to notice how cold the water was.

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Mother’s Day

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The Swanstrom’s celebrated Mother’s Day up on Lake Wissota. It was a beautiful day outside and we all had a lot of fun. Tammy was recovering from a cold, so she wasn’t feeling the best, but she still was blessed to spend the time with her great kids.

Kenny did not want to just sit for a picture. He wanted to play. For anyone who has held a toddler who doesn’t want to sit, Kenny is just starting the move used by any child–straighten those legs and arch the back and then just slip out of the lap.

Here Kenny is just trying to crawl away. Emma is also interested in doing something else than take pictures and she is letting us know oh so subtly.

This was the best of the three of them. Two smiles out of three isn’t bad.

Don’t know the problem with the little one in the middle, but once again two smiles out of three isn’t bad.

The shirt that Tammy is wearing was painted by Emma for Mother’s Day. It turned out very nice.

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Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild’s Fairy Tale Ball

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As a fundraiser the local theatre guild held a Fairy Tale Ball. Emma and cousin Landry got all dressed up as princesses for the event.

The local Hair Academy (beautician school) styles hair at a reasonable price, so the day started with hair.

Cousin Landry got an “up-do”.

Now off to home to get on their dresses.

Here is the crew that went to the ball. This was a great photograph and was taken by cousin Avery.

The two girls were very excited even though none of us knew exactly what to expect.

Tammy found a clearanced bridesmaid dress that made her look like a princess too.

When we arrived it was raining and cold, so we didn’t know if we would be able to go on a carriage ride, so the girls hopped up into the carriage for a picture.

Since the event was held by the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild, they put on some little shows.

Carriage rides did happen, so we got all bundled up and took a ride around the parking lot.

Cindrella’s step-sisters and step-mother mingled with the crowd.

A local dentist, I mean the tooth fairy , was giving rides on the magic chair. If you see Emma you can ask her what the magic words were to make it go up and down. At the end of the night Emma mentioned that this was one of her favorite things that she did.

The girls did a little crown decorating.

The night ended with a dance.

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