Family Party ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Part 3

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Your 9th year of life was another great one. We have enjoyed seeing how you love learning how to do things by watching YouTube videos. You have learned a lot about doing your hair, cooking, and making things.

It was a tough year with gymnastics. You broke your elbow in April, but fought through the pain and the tight muscles to get back to competing. You competed in level 5 and it went great. You realized though that at this moment gymnastics is something that you want to take a break from. That’s ok. You can always go back to it.

With Kenny at school this year, you have been a lot of help. You have stuck up for him after his seizure and we know that you are always helping him with his coat and school stuff. Your servant heart makes us so proud.

We love you and we look forward to what your 10th year of life will bring.

Dad (and Mom)


Here are the highlights from the family party.

The whole family got in on the “Just Dance” fun.

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Cupcakes for school ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Part 2

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After lunch Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Fish, and I brought cupcakes for you to share with your class.  Thanks for letting us come!

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Birthday morning ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Day 13

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Not being a morning person, our birthday tradition of opening the “family” presents before dawn isn’t my favorite. Unfortunately you do not share my love of sleeping in.

Happy 9th birthday my sweet Emma!  We love you so much!

Thanks for letting Kenny open a couple of your presents.

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Goodbye Christmas ~ January 12, 2015 ~ Day 12

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With your birthday party the next day we spent the evening taking down our Christmas decorations.

Kenny – you and Uncle Ryan discovered Fruit Ninja.

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Tooth fairy ~ January 11, 2015 ~ Day 11

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Another tooth bites the dust.

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American Girl Birthday ~ January 11, 2015 ~ Day 11

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Your birthday week celebrations started with lunch at the American Girl Doll Cafe in Mall of America.

After lunch the birthday crew hit the ropes course and zip line in the mall.

And the final stop before home was jumping fun at Sky Zone.

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Neighborhood Party ~ January 10, 2015 ~ Day 10

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~A little get together with our neighbors.~

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Just Dance ~ January 9, 2015 ~ Day 9

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After Dad and I got home from our date we enjoyed seeing your dance moves from “Just Dance Kids”.

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First seizure at school ~ January 8, 2015 ~ Day 8

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The dreaded call came from school today.  You had your first seizure at school.  They called 911 and Dad and I drove as quickly as we could in the snow storm to school. Because you were awake and talking when I got there the paramedics said we could bring you to the hospital.  Since it was such a little seizure I’m not sure why we went to ER other than that is what the EMT recommended we do.  Up until a month ago you only have had seizures when you are sleeping so today was your second daytime seizure.  We had the most amazing and caring ER doctor (Dr. Cook)!  He didn’t do any special tests but probably talked to us for over 30 minutes! I never would have imagined that an ER doctor would be so knowledgeable on pediatric neurology.  I wish he was our neurologist!  You were so brave through all of it!


Here we are leaving the hospital.

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Before moving to Wisconsin I had never heard of “snow days” just for being too cold.  Today was one of those days.  The high today was -5 with a windchill of -40! With no school Emma spent the day with her good friends baking and crafting.

Kenny, Dana, and I spent our day in Marshfield for Kenny’s neuro. psych appointment.

My sweet buddy – I sometimes wonder what you think of all your doctor appointments or what it feels like to have a seizure or to realize that your left hand doesn’t work quite as well.  At 4 months you were officially diagnosed with Unilateral Closed Lip Schizencephaly after a MRI revealed you have a little cleft or crevice in the right side of your brain.  We had no idea what that would mean for you but you continue to amaze us with all the things you are able to do.  You are currently on Keppra for your seizures but the doctor is still trying to find the right dosage for you to hopefully become seizure free.


Today was just a check up to monitor your progress.  The doctor said everything looked good!

After we got back in town you joined in with the fun and helped make your frozen dessert.

Here are some of Emma’s creations from the day.


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My girl ~ January 6, 2015 ~ Day 6

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After school we hit up Michaels for some inspiration for your Paris themed birthday party.  We didn’t find anything but found some ideas on Etsy.

I am having a hard time admitting that you are turning 9.  I love to joke with you that you will always be 8 and I will always be 35!

You are such a good reader but we haven’t found a series that you love.

Maybe you will enjoy Judy Moody?

 (Lately before bed you will read to me while I am folding clothes.)

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Sick day Lego Fun ~ January 5, 2015 ~ Day 5

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Today was supposed to be your first day back to school after Christmas break but you stayed home since you had a little fever and cough.  We had a great day of cuddling and watching TV with lots of breaks to build your new Legos.

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Brrr Wisconsin ~ January 4, 2015 ~ Day 4

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I’m not the only one trying to stay warm IN OUR HOUSE!

Love you buddy!

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With such a warm winter day in Wisconsin it was the perfect day for you guys to try out your new snowboards from Christmas.  Grandpa and Grandma Fish really have the ideal land for it at their house in Red Wing.  You both really seemed to get the hang of it quickly.

Kenny – You got pretty tired out after a couple runs but as a kid with mild cerebral palsy you were AMAZING!  We are so proud of your hard work and determination.

You might have fallen asleep if we stayed much longer!

Here is a video we posted on You-Tube from the day.

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What a fun day of crafting with friends and a impromptu dance and gymnastic party.

The girls made window clings with puffy paint but unfortunately the wax paper didn’t come off very well.

With our living room still rearranged from Christmas present opening everyone had lots of room to do their dancing.

I love that you had fun doing gymnastics today with your friends but my heart is still aches that you chose to quit this fall.  I do hope that someday you can find something that you enjoy.

Kenny – you are convinced that you going to marry Kayla.

Unfortunately I don’t think she feels the same:-)

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